September 1, 2010


Art by: Laura Amstutz, Creative Spillage {}

This sweet and beautiful artwork by my so very talented and gorgeous friend Laura snagged my heart when I first saw it. As I viewed the whole series, the snag pulled and unraveled. I followed the string back to where it was caught.

There I saw the faith and grace of Naomi and the blend of her hope and fear; trust and doubt. Seriously, I could end there. 'Nough said. Laura's art is beautiful beyond words. And speaks for itself.

I wish I had as beautiful words; but I only have ordinary words to describe the extraordinary woman Naomi was. Despite that, I want to share just a little about Naomi and let Laura's art speak to you too. Moreso, let the Lord speak to you through these tender, lovely pictures.

so·journ –verb (used without object) stay for a time in a place; live temporarily

If I were to title Naomi's story, I would call it "Sojourner." Hers is a story of sojourns of sadness and grief; hope and joy.

And like the mama in these captivating works of art, she stayed under the shelter of the Most High, acknowledging Him in all her ways. Sharing Him with her daughters-in-law; inviting them to take shelter in Him too.

Her faithfulness to rest under His shelter amazes me. Yet I often wonder how different Naomi's journey to her homeland would have been had she fully realized the way God sheltered her in her sojourn of grief. I imagine her stay there would have been shortened. What if she knew how He had gone before her to prepare Ruth and Boaz, Obed, Jesse, David, Mary and Joseph...Jesus?

I wonder too, how different my journey would be if I fully realized the ways God shelters me? And how ultimately my journey leads to Jesus as well. I imagine I would stay under His shelter more, rather than letting go and running elsewhere for covering. I would sojourn less often in valleys of sadness and grief and put more permanent roots in the land of hope and joy.

How do you see God sheltering you and leading you to Himself? What sojourn are you in right now?

How do you see God calling you to help shelter widows and orphans like Naomi and Ruth? Laura describes her inspiration for this series: "So I've been overwhelmed lately with concern for widows. Particularly those in Middle Eastern or South Asian countries. I watched a documentary and one woman, Zainab Wahidi, described loosing her husband as loosing her shade. That she now has to provide this shade, this cover, for herself and her children." Please prayerfully consider offering shade to a child through Compassion International. You will change a whole family's life! {}

*Please visit Laura's Creative Spillage gallery! {}


Michelle said...

These are stunningly beautiful!

Yellow bobby pins said...

These resonate deeply with my spirit. Artfully combined with writing.

Katie Pierce said...

I stand amazed, by these works of art. They have touched me deeply as have your postings along with them. Curiosity compels me to ask what is the medium she used and can these be purchased?

Fields of gold said...

Hi Katie, me too! The first time I saw Laura's beauty, I wept. Thanks for your sweet comments.

She does sell her art. Please contact her at or see more at

Bless you!