December 22, 2010

25 Days of Merry... Day 21

It's the Hap-hapiest time ... of the year!

Well, for some it is. For others--not so much.

Anytime we can add a lil' holiday cheer to a person's day is a good day in my book. That's why I'm hosting the 2nd Annual 25 Days, 25 Songs! Each day I'll post a new {*FREE*} Christmas song. Now that's hap-hap-happy!

22. Auld Lang Syne {Chris Issak}
21. Angels We Have Heard on High {Chanticleer Christmas}
20. I'll Be Home For Christmas {Barlowe Girl}
19. You're Here {Francesca Battestelli}
18. 99 Most Essential Christmas Masterpieces {Yes folks, that's 99 FREE songs!!}
17. The Bell Medley {Classic Christmas Singers}
16. O Holy Night {David Crowder Band}
15. Family Christmas {Sandra McCracken and a few others}
14. Christmas Anthem {Landon Smith and the Real Matt Jones}
13. Winter Night {Little and Ashley}
12. Joseph's Lullaby {MercyMe}
11: Very Merry Christmas {Dave Barnes}
10: Timeless Christmas {mix of artists}
9: Angels We Have Heard on High {Point of Grace}
8: Christmas Songs {Justin McRoberts}
7: Acorn Music Holiday Sampler {mix of artists}
6. Nettwerk Holiday Sampler {Sixpence None the Richer & others}
5. The Christmas Gig {Full songs from Target commercials!}
4. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies {Sugo Music}
3. Toy Packaging {Sara Groves}
2. The Singing Christmas Tree {Veggie Tales}
1. Country Sampler {mix of artists}

p.s. please don't judge me on the selections. Just cause they're up there, doesn't mean I necessarily {, or even like} them :)

p.s.s. if you know if a link with free music that I've missed, give me a shout! Thanks!


K. Langston said...

Cool!I like the JJ Heller song that plays. Haven't heard that one.

stephanie said...

Hey girly! I miss you! I took a litte reprieve from blogging for a while as I had a lot of junky junk going on, but am back :) I hope you are well!!!! Blessings, Stephb

Fields of gold said...

Hey Stephanie! I took quite a long break myself! So glad you're back up and running. Heading over to your blog now :) Happy New Year girl!