January 11, 2011

Dear Sam...

Every few years I journal to my younger self, passing on my hard earned wisdom {or, er... something like that}.

Here's a smattering of previous years' instructions....
*This too shall pass
*Send hand-written notes, just because
*Water your plants regularly
*Lean on the Lord and ask for His wisdom
*Don't dye your hair blonde again {thanks Sarah Bo!}
*Leave everywhere better when you leave than when you came (thanks Mom!)

It seems befitting to make a new set of encouragements, especially as we add a decade tick mark to the calendar of our lives...

Dear Samantha,

You're fresh and naive. Oh, I know you think you've lived, but trust me, you are green. Heavens girl, you're still in college, living it up like it's 1999! I know you're expecting you and Mr. Right are surrounded by a caboodle of kids and serving overseas by now, huh? Well, friend, God's plan doesn't unfold for us like that over the next decade. Swallowing this reality will be hard. But I promise, there are good things about all that not yet coming to pass. Here's a little cheat sheet to help you along the way~

{all bold words are hyperlinked}
*Say I love you every time it's on your tongue. Every time. No matter how much your heart races or how awkward. You will regret not saying it.
*When waters rise and hope flies the coop, don't isolate yourself from family, friends, God. You think you're Super Woman. News flash: you're not. It's okay to reveal your vulnerabilities.
*Give a little more than you think you have. "Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed"~Proverbs 11. That's gospel truth, sister.
*99.9% of your fears are smoke and mirrors.
*.01% of your fears will come to pass. They're doozies. They will try to knock the wind, the life, the faith out of you. You must hear this: Run to Jesus. No matter what the circumstances bellow.
*Encourage others. Rejoice with them. Mourn with them. Remember their needs, dreams, desires. Pray for them.
*Drop the pride. It's unlovely, distancing and doesn't benefit you in any way.
*Say "Yes" even when it's way out of your comfort zone. Even when you feel lazy or tired. Even when you're fearful of the cost. Some of your favorite adventures come from saying yes!
*Nourish and sustain old friendships. Cultivate and open your heart to new ones.
*Keep up your guitar lessons & pilates. Take ballet and surf classes.
*Weeping when you hold an orphan's hand is natural and a gift from God. Don't fight it.
*It's okay to feel joy in the midst of sadness. It's okay to feel sadness in the midst of joy. Remember, "The Christian life starts with grace, it must continue with grace, it ends with grace." ~ M. Lloyd-Jones
*Do not look at ex-boyfriend's Facebook pages. I mean it. 'nuff said.
*Be neighborly. Be kind to the elderly. Be conversational with grocery store clerks and wait staff.
*Make road trips a lot. Sing loud(er). Hike often. Get lost in beautiful things.
*Risk everything for the sake of following Christ. You'll lose a lot {even people you love}. But sweetie, it's worth it. I promise. Better yet, He promises.
*Love well.

There are a zillion more things I'd love to share with you, but this is a good start. Above all, protect your relationship with the Lord. All else will fall in place. And memorize scripture. It's a lifeline you'll need more than you know.

~Cheering you on, Your Older Self

What would YOU write to your younger self? Let's link up and share!!
I thought it'd be fun to start the New Year with a blog carnival! Here's what you do. Write a "Dear Younger Self" post. Post it on your blog, then come back here and add your post's URL in the Mr. Linky box!


Leebird said...

Funny you wrote this...I wrote a prayer for my inner junior high self on Monday! Love you, sweet Sam!

Eileen said...

Beautiful Sam! Your shared alot of the same things that were on my heart too. It was fun to participate :)

stephanie said...

I just loved this :) So good to hear...ummm I guess I mean read :)....your voice again! You are awesome!

Fields of gold said...

Thanks y'all!! It's great to share with you and journey along with you. It'll be neat to see what we'd each write in another ten years!