March 1, 2011

Say a Little Prayer

I couldn't stop thinking about y'alls comments to the post Unlovable. I get the sense the question, "am I lovable?" weighs heavy on your heart. It tethers you to the negative train of thought. Which is a mighty big train to jump off, huh? My heart hurts with and for you sweet friend. I'm so sorry.

Often, I have wished I could hug people so tightly that Jesus' love in me would ink out, spilling onto them, bathing them in His lavish love. If only that were possible...

Instead I hug with words. I say prayers. I listen to pains. All in the hopes that Jesus' love lathers on, rich and pure, delightful and wholly.

I use other's words as well. Words such as Pete Wilson's.

To be honest, I've never met Pete. Never heard of him before a re-tweet I read today. Glancing through his blog, a pair of beautiful brown eyes arrested my heart. Puja's eyes. I had to read more...

I hope you will too. Because I would gander though your story is in many ways far removed from Puja's, it's also fairly similar.

Lied About

Pete leads us in a tenderly powerful prayer. Would you please pray with him for Puja? And then repeat that prayer for yourself?

I'm saying it for Puja... for me... for you too. Because He loves you. Because you are lovable. Amen.


Follow2Serve {Lorna} said...

Tears and a prayer - for Puja, me, and you. {and a hug too}

stephanie said...

I love what you said about hugging people till God's love just pours out all over them. I often have the same thoughts. Love you girl. Thanks for the continued word hugs.

Fields of gold said...

Oh Lorna, I cried too sweet friend! Thankful for your sensitive heart. Prayers of peace and love to you!

Fields of gold said...

that doesn't surprise me that you'd feel the same way Steph! i can tell you're compassionate and generous in your love towards others. big hugs to you friend!! love you!