July 12, 2011

you will find rest

Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me
for I am gentle and humble in heart and
you will find rest
(relief ease refreshment recreation blessed quiet)
for your souls.

You are tired, (I think)
Of the always puzzle of living and doing;

And so am I.

Come with me, then,
And we’ll leave it far and far away—
(Only you and I, understand!) ~e.e. cummings

Love has a right to be spoken. And you have a right to know that somebody loves you.
That somebody has loved you
and could love you.
We all need to know that. Maybe it’s what we need most.

So I wanted to tell you.
~From A Fisherman of the Inland Sea by Ursula K. Le Guin

I am gentle and humble in heart and
you will find rest.
~Matthew 11


Eileen said...

I believe you are correct. Love and to be loved is what each heart is really seeking for...HIS LOVE. I've always loved that verse in Matthew too.

Wendy said...

Simple. Truth.

Brought tears to my eyes.

Love you.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Sam, thank you for allowing the LORD to use you. Thank YOU Lord for using Sam for Your glory and honor. Praise YOU, Adonai!

Melissa Taylor said...

Sam.... oh my, I so needed this. So beautiful. And I so need rest.

thanks for telling me about this. Love you.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely, sweet word from abba's heart.

love you.


Renee Swope said...

Letting Him love me - gently, patiently, inviting me to rest in His Love today? Is that what this tired girl needs?

My soul sighs and whispers - yes. I will come. I will rest between His shoulders today. (Deut 33:11)

Thank you for leading me there friend. Thank you so much.

dmr said...

Thank you! Im trying