May 19, 2008

Our Song

You know how couples have “Their Song"? Years ago I realized the same worship song continued to come to mind. Often I wasn’t aware I was singing it until almost through the chorus! Then in an Ah-ha moment the light bulb turned on! “Lord, this is ‘Our Song’ isn’t it?” It’s extremely sweet, but kind of an odd selection, seeing as I haven’t heard it sung in church in almost twenty years! It’s classic Old Skool worship from back in the day!

A few years ago I went to our Latino sister church for the first time. Love at first sight! And all to the tune of “Our Song!” While there God asked me to deal with hurt from a broken relationship. As I sat in worship, one of my friends gave me a word of who I am as the bride of Christ and how the eyes of the Lord viewed me. Ahhhh, these words were balm to my wounds. Then, over the microphone: “No more lies Samantha, no more lies.” The pastor/worship leader spoke these words of life which healed even more wounds. As we moved into a time of ministry, worship quieted to just one guitar player. All of a sudden I heard the chords of “Our Song!” At first I thought I was dreaming (or delusional!), but sure enough the chords of “Our Song” were being strummed!

At times it is hard to remember God Almighty is that personal. But He is. He saw me that day, dealing with the toughness of the pain of a broken heart. He spoke words of life to me. He picked up a guitar and sang “Our Song” and reminded me: I Am. Today, I pray you feel quieted with His love …. and may you listen as He rejoices over you with singing (Zeph. 3).

Our Song
For a day in Your presence, is far better to me than gold
Or living my whole life somewhere else
And I would rather be a doorkeeper in Your fold
Than to take my fate upon myself

For You are my sun and my shield
You are my lover from the start
And the highway to Your city runs through my heart

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