May 13, 2008


The Lord led me to a new job in October. Absolutely, it is a divine gift and I love it!! But it was a big leap of faith for me. One reason in particular was a drastic pay cut. However, the Lord has been gracious to remind me that He alone is my daily bread.

God proved this point to me a few months ago. Psalm 145 tells us, “The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time. You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.” Based on that, the Lord encouraged me to watch for His hand to open and He promised He would provide one free meal a day for a week. Watch this!

Thursday: A volunteer at work brought in lunch … this rarely, if ever happens!
Friday: My roomies made a delicius dinner and shared with me.
Saturday: I had leftovers from dinner the day before.
Sunday: Surprise! Some amazing friends of mine treated me to lunch!
Monday: Chick-Fil-A on the house! (Literally: my bosses’ husband owns one = free food!)
Tuesday: A friend at work had surgery the week before and people had brought her family meals. They had so much she brought leftovers in to share.
Wednesday: Treat Day! Made from scratch yummy pound-cake (which in our office equals breakfast :))
Thursday: Homemade bbq, slaw, and potato chips for lunch made by my director.

And God extended that week-long promise of provision! My family came in town that weekend and I hadn’t shared any of this with them yet. Friday night, we met up with our cousin and his family at Zapata’s and sure enough … my mom picked up dinner for me. Same thing on Saturday, and my sister bought lunch for me Sunday!!!

Is there any lack of trust for provision (spiritually, physically, etc.) in your life? It can be hard to determine to trust explicitly, however God calls us His “reliable witnesses” (Isaiah 8). He will cause circumstances to work so we trust Him and we can reliably testify to His goodness and faithfulness. Call on the Name of the Lord. He is near.

Take a listen to Shane & Shane's Psalm 145


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! That is so awesome how the Lord works in your life. He loves you so much! It built my faith to hear. Thanks for sharing. You are so precious!

Nate and Joni Horne said...

God is amazing!! Thanks for sharing your life. This looks like it should be in a devotional book!
Love ya- Joni

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! This is so encouraging to me. I see so much fruit in your life Sam. Its awesome to know you.
love, jenn
ps-does last night's meal count as 3 ;)

Satterfield said...

It's amazing how the Lord provides for us! Thanks for sharing how HE has shown you this. If all of us would stop to see how He does provide like you have, we would all be amazed. We need to be sharing this kind of stuff with those who do not know the Lord yet. Thanks again for sharing Sam!!----April