May 13, 2008

To the Skies

My Ebenezer today is white, yellow and green! Over two years ago God laid on my heart a promise. With that promise came His request for me to stand in faith for it’s fulfillment. Spiritually, many things have come against its fruition and “to stand” (Eph. 6:13) has proven difficult at times. Quickly, I found out I couldn’t stand in faith about this promise alone … which is something I tend to like to do. This “standing” has refined many things out of me, least of all not my selfish independence!

God has surrounded me with amazing faith warriors about this, and two friends in particular who carry me, hold my arms up and pray more than I can count! The week before Easter, they spent time after church listening to my weariness and frustration over still standing. Later that day I was spending time on my front porch and the Lord spoke 2 Corinthians 6:1, We urge you not to receive God's grace in vain.” My independence (i.e. pride) often has me turning my nose up at God’s grace that comes through others in my life. At the exact moment I finished reading that verse, my friends pulled up to my home and stepped out of their car with a beautiful, lush bouquet of flowers!

They simply wanted to re-affirm they had heard my heart and continue “to stand” with me. I cried and cried and realized how thankful I am for the Lord refining independence out of me! Readily I accepted God’s grace through them and the beautiful flowers, and was ever thankful to have them alongside in this walk of faith. Their gift of giving -and- the flowers themselves are stones of remembrance of the Lord’s gentleness and knowledge. I love these ‘stones’ are a part of building up this particular Ebenezer altar to the Most High.

p.s. the flowers lasted two months!! Most don’t make it a full week! What a visual display of the tenacity and perseverance of God’s grace.

Third Day Your Love Oh Lord,

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