November 5, 2010

Where We Live

"It is in the shelter of each other that the people live."~Irish Proverb

Everyone needs shelter. If I recall correctly, it's up there with food, water, air and love. Sounds pretty major, huh? If we correlate shelter to people, we must be vulnerable and authentic in order to give others something to 'shelter' us from. Self-imposed isolation is a no-no.

Unfortunately, isolation comes a little too natural to me. Think: armadillo. I curl up inside my hard shell and roll into the sunset, right outta Dodge. But real life requires real conversations and real emotions. Keeping these out of the shelter equation leaves our lil' armadillo selves in a bleak desert, alone sans the howls of the ki-oats {Insert shiver}. I headed back to Dodge this week and found shelter in some sweet tweets, convos, emails and messages...

Hi Sam , called but no answer. Leaving at 6am tomorrow morning. Have a good week and I will fb when possible. Love ya ~Mom

He begins to guide them by day in cloud and fire at night. God did all these things to show them who HE WAS and that HE could be trusted. He cared for them. I pray that today God will show more of Himself to you and know He is trustworthy; He is more trustworthy than we are to ourselves. love you ~Joni

My heart is hurting for you. I have prayed for you this morning. I love you and I'm here if you need me. ~Melissa

Call if u need anything. I know what its like. Ur never alone girl. Never.

What can I be praying for you? Let me know if there is anything, okay! ~Donna

How are you? ~Jenn

Hey girl, praying for you. ~Stephanie

Sometimes we have to choose to accept shelter. We can't always make a go of it solo. As I unrolled my tightly balled-up shell, I recognized once more the safe warmth of resting in the shelter of others. Thank you Jesus for these amazing gifts!

Leaving this post with two thoughts:
First, are you heading out of Dodge this very moment, cutting yourself off from others for whatever reason? Stop, drop and roll back to the shelters in your life. Take it from a ridiculously independent girl. You need them. Really; you do.

Second, do you see someone you love boogying away from you, receding into themselves, isolating from others? Run after them! Whether they know it or not, they'll be grateful.


Leebird said...

My granny once beat an armadillo to death with a hoe! I promise to be gentle! :) I love you sweet Sam. Whatever is hurting your heart isn't nearly as big as God's hand where you are safely resting. <3 (((HUG)))

Love, Bird

Melissa Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, I love you Sambo!!!! And I need you for shelter too. Thank you for this post, your honesty and sincerity, and the shelter and love you have provided for me many times.

You know I am ALWAYS here for you. I love you and learn from you every time I read your blog and spend time with you :)


ps...we were a nickel over in the deposit...that nickel you gave me when I was walking out the door I guess. hahaha

Fields of gold said...

Oh. my. goodness. Bird!!!!

I seriously laughed OUT loud and covered my mouth one second...

Then got teary eyed in the next!!

Thank you for your granny-'dillo story! And for your sweet reminder of where I rest.

Love you! Sambo

Fields of gold said...

Thank you Mel!! After getting your emails this week, I cracked and realized how badly I need my friends and to share what's going on. You know I'm a "one -tripper" and want to hold it all up on my own.

Thanks for sheltering me...and teaching me how to let others in gracefully. Love you!!!

p.s. WHAT?? Where did that rascal come from?? He gets Mean Frown Face. >:<

stephanie said...

First of all let me say, that I love Armadillos! I guess that comes when you live in Amarillo, TX, HA! My daughter has 2 stuffed armadillos :) but they are out of their shells :)

So sweet armadillo friend, from one armadillo to another, you have provided me shelter so many many times. We all need eachother, be it in person or bloggy friends.

You continue to be a huge blessing to my life, so thank you! Still praying for you every night, for peace, rest, and comfort in the shelter of His loving arms.

Carol Davis said...

Love you, girl. You are a treasure. I count it an honor to call you friend.

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Sam, I love you. Thank you for sharing this. I didn't see you as an armadillo at all...I love knowing your heart better now. It think we all can do that...hide away. You are not alone....not evening when you curl up!!!

Psalm 27:5 He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.