October 22, 2010

I Won!

I won! I won! I won a "Lovely Blog Award" from the sweet Stephanie at Journey of Healing! Thanks girl! Reading her blog is like pulling a page out of my own journal. She's real, honest and God is taking her through some similar things as me!

This award comes with some fun 'rules'

1. Accept the award and acknowledge the person who bestowed it. {see above}
2. Pay it forward to 15 blogs you enjoy.

Easy! Here goes...in no particular order:
1. My dearest sweetest bestest sister/friend Joni's blog. A steady, rich relationship with the Lord weaves its way into her words which challenge and encourage me constantly. Plus, she's more fun than the state fair!! Love this girl!

2. You might have heard her on 106.9 FM...if not, 12-3...tune in! Carol can give you a side stitch from laughing till you can't breathe and give you a good cry from pondering the depth of God's mercy all in one conversation.

3. Whether you are a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend...Melissa is your gal to hang with! She's real, honest, relatable, & funny! Say whatever you want...you'll be loved and accepted.

4. Dreamers, Believers and Faith Filled Girls...you won't want to miss Nicki's blog! She knows God is big and able and spurs you on to remember the same!!

5. Okay, I'm not a wife or mom yet, but Sharon is already mentoring me in those areas through her thoughtful, humble, soulful words. I want to be like her when I grow up!

6. When looking for a shot in the arm of Truth (hard as it might be to hear) I look no further than Lisa's blog. She's just keepin' it real and I'm better for it.

7. I'm sorry to say I don't know the name of the writer behind the words on this blog. What I do know is she's a real gal, living real life, with a real God and sees Him in the every day. I appreciate that. Think you will too.

8. This guy's a poet. His words fluid, compelling, picturesque. Though his posts are far and few between, Jacob's writing is worth waiting for.

9. An escape for your spirit & mind, Elizabeth blends heart-changing/wrenching/reviving photos with eye-opening words that mix in a lovelycan'tlookaway collage.

10. Her art tells stories of the soul. Her words do the same. Her heart comes through in both. And it's a thing of beauty. Just like Laura.

11. Tuck your feet up under you, wrap your hands around a hot mug, and chill with Shannon. You're invited into her life...with herself, her hubby, her friends and her God. Her words are comfortable and real.

12. Simply sweet. Simply giving. Simply kind. Simply generous. Simply abundant in love. Lisa at Simply His blog is simply wonderful and elaborately loved by everyone who meets her! Read her blog...you'll see why!

13. LeeBird shares life's journey with grace, wisdom, humbleness and humor. You'll instantly feel at home with her!

14. I just started following Eileen's blog and look forward to her wisdom and funny quips already!

{And because I can't resist promoting these folks who are making a HUGE difference in the world...}

15. This is hard. Gut wrenching. Fall on your knees. Weep till you're spent hard. But we can't turn our backs on the reality that this is reality. LOVE146's blog. Get involved.

15. Do you want a new perspective on the poor? Here you go! Compassion International spreads it's arms across the world and gives you and me the chance to hug kids 1000's of miles away.

15. What if you could round-table it with C.S. Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, and Tozer? Well, that's not possible, but Desiring God's blog comes pretty close!

There's your sneak peek into the lovely blogs whose writer's words challenge, comfort, inspire and entertain me! Hope they speak to you similarly! Adios!


Eileen said...

Well what a nice thing to wake up too! See...there are good reasons to get out of bed at 5:30am on a Sunday. :) Thank you. I look forward to spending some time looking at all the blogs who "won". And, will definitely be passing it forward!

Eileen said...

of course, it's so early, I wrote too instead of to...ha!

Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

awwww.....thanks, Sam. You are just the sweetest. Talk to my family first before you say you want to be like me when you grow up. I am still growing!! :)

You blessed me today.....and many, many days! Love you!

stephanie said...

Hey girl :) So glad you enjoyed your bloggy award! I am so blessed by your blog! And being real and honest is the biggest compliment you could have given me, because if God has placed on my heart anything, it is to be real and honest :) Much love and blessings! Stephanie