July 3, 2008


"You gave me life and showed me kindness and in your providence watched over my spirit." ~Job 10:12

Coffee is one of my delights! So for my birthday this year, I decided to celebrate by treating myself to Starbucks. The instant I had that thought God counter-acted, "Go to Dilworth Coffee instead."

It's not that Dilworth isn't good coffee, I just really had my mind set on Starbucks. It made good sense for a lot of reasons, so I double-checked to be sure I heard right. The Holy Spirit confirmed again, "Definitely...I'd love you to go to Dilworth."

Y'all, it really made no sense whatsoever to me on the drive there. But do you know what God had purposed in His kindness for me that day? Do you know what His birthday present was? FREE COFFEE!!! That's right! A local business was buying everyone's orders that morning, so my coffee was paid for me, by yours truly, Jesus! How kind.
When I run errands on the weekends, sometimes I pick up a cup of coffee. There was a shop with an easy right-hand turn that I could run in and out of. Just about to swing into the parking lot God stopped me in my tracks. "Go over to Starbucks."

That was a busy left-hand turn, a parking garage and a little jaunt to the actual shop. "Trust me, go to Starbucks." I wasn't too sure of the 'why,' but I headed over there and ordered my coffee. Handing it to me, the hostess immediately grabbed it back.
"Don't drink that!"

She had mistakenly brewed a half pot of grounds with a full pot of water, equaling weak coffee. As I waited for her to brew a new pot, another worker apologized profusely and gave me a sa-weet gift certificate to say sorry. Wow! Free coffee again!
God didn't have to direct me to certain coffee shops on those days. He did so simply to express His kindness. Psalm 34:8 tells us to taste and see that the Lord is good. And if I may add through my experience, He is a kind King as well. What a delicious truth!

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